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 Northern Region Tournament 


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Northern Region Events
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Event Date Venue
Northern Region Tournament March 5, 2016 N W Guilford High School
State Finals Tournament April 2, 2016 Wingate University


Registration for next year will open in July.

Note: Each school or organization registration entitles your membership to field one team per problem and division to which the team members qualify, e.g. a K - 8 school could field five division 1 and five division 2 teams under one membership. Please check the current program guide for details.

 Note: you must renew your membership every year.

New and renewed memberships usually receive packets within 2 weeks of registration. The packet includes detailed versions of each problem. Full text copies of the problems are available online as soon as your registration is recorded online (one or two work days after you complete your online registration).

You will be contacted by officials from your region as soon as your membership is certified by the world organization.  You can jump start this communication by sending your Email address to .

NCOM Regions for 2016 tournaments
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What is Odyssey of the mind?
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This site has five pages devoted to OotM and includes full problem solutions to last years problems.
Great Videos with team member and coach perspective articulated.
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This is a eight minute video describing the Odyssey of the Mind program.

NCOM Northern Region 2014 Tournament Results